Rossignol All track 70

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The Women's All Mountain Ski Boots Alltrack 70 are versatile and comfortable boots designed for skiers exploring a variety of terrain. The "70" in the name likely refers to the flex rating, indicating a boot with a softer flex suitable for beginner to intermediate skiers.

Key features of these boots may include:

  1. Comfortable Fit: Women-specific design with attention to anatomical differences in foot shape, calf volume, and overall fit for enhanced comfort.

  2. Moderate Flex: A flex rating of 70 suggests a softer flex, providing a forgiving and comfortable feel, making it suitable for skiers still developing their skills.

  3. Adjustable Features: Typically equipped with adjustable buckles, straps, or other features to customize the fit and provide optimal support.

  4. All-Mountain Performance: Designed to handle a variety of skiing conditions, from groomed runs to more challenging off-piste terrain.

  5. Thermal Insulation: Some models may feature insulated liners to keep feet warm in colder conditions.

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