Rossignol Pure 80

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The Women's On Piste Ski Boots Pure 80 are crafted for precision and performance on groomed slopes. Key features may include:

  1. Precise Fit: These boots are typically designed with a snug fit to provide optimal control and responsiveness, ensuring a direct connection between the skier and the skis.

  2. Stiffness and Flex: With a flex rating of 80, these boots offer a moderate to stiff level of stiffness, providing a good balance of power and comfort. This makes them suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers who want a responsive feel on the slopes.

  3. Women-Specific Design: Tailored to the anatomy of women's feet and calves, these boots ensure a comfortable and secure fit, addressing the specific needs of female skiers.

  4. Adjustable Features: Expect features like adjustable buckles, straps, or other customization options to fine-tune the fit and support.

  5. Ski Control: The design of these boots is likely optimized for precise ski control, allowing skiers to carve turns with confidence.

  6. Thermal Insulation: Some models may feature insulated liners to provide warmth during colder conditions.

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